"On the evening of November 4, 1834, 30 students - ten men from each of the three classes (freshmen, sophomores, and juniors) at Williams College - "all good men and true," met in the Freshman Recitation Room in West College and formed the Social Fraternity known today as Delta Upsilon International Fraternity. A new era had begun."

Delta Upsilon is the first non-secret, non-hazing international fraternity and has held this tradition since its inception at Williams College, basing its recruitment on solely merit to bring about our mission and our vision.

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Local charter date: April 9, 1983

Our mission:  Building Better Men. 

We accomplish this by focusing on our non-secret heritage and our four founding principles:

The Promotion of Friendship
The Advancement of Justice
The Development of Character
The Diffusion of Liberal Culture

Our vision:  To be the premier men's fraternity committed to building better men for a global society through service, leadership development, and lifelong personal growth of our diverse membership.

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Dikaia Upotheke
Justice, Our Foundation

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